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What is White Glove Delivery: A Comprehensive Guide

February 6, 2020 | By Josh Kimble
Last Modified: April 26, 2024
Get the info you need to book a shipment with USA Last Mile Logistics white glove delivery guide. We'll handle your freight with care so you can ship with confidence.

The rise of online shopping has made a white glove delivery service more popular than ever. Whether you want to ship furniture or commercial assets, there is the option to choose this shipping method, but it can raise more questions than it answers. The most important one is: “what is white glove delivery service, and why is it necessary?”

White glove delivery is a specialized shipping service offering close attention to detail and increased assistance during the delivery process. White glove shipping can be used for both business and residential deliveries, and can include options such as unpacking, assembly, and room of choice.

To learn more about the white glove delivery process and why it will suit your needs, regardless of whether you’re shipping B2B or B2C, you have come to the right place. In this post, we’ll outline everything you need to know about white glove delivery service, from the cost, to the duration and storage.

What is a White Glove Delivery Service?

White glove delivery service refers to a shipping service that delivers greater assistance and an increased level of care during the delivery process. These features are undoubtedly part of the appeal of opting for a white glove option. While the technicians might not wear gloves, or at least not white ones, they are trained to provide a bespoke service that adds value. Attention to detail is paramount.

Aside from a higher quality of customer service, you can expect included add-ons that reduce hassle and stress. If, for instance, you choose white glove delivery service for truckload of company sofas, workers will place it in the room of your choice and to your specifications.

Of course, if an item needs returning, that is taken care of, too. As a result, white glove solutions are more than standard delivery solutions – they are tailored to your business’ requirements.

A semi truck completing white glove delivery service drives down the road

How Much Does White Glove Delivery Cost?

Compared to standard modes of delivery, a white glove service will cost your organization more money. However, the reason for this is the level of quality included.

When you choose a provider like USA Last Mile Logistics, you get a solution that you can trust. Not only does this service put your company first, but it ensures glitches associated with other delivery methods are negated. As a result, our customers don’t have to worry about downtime impacting their output.

Real-time quotes vary depending on the supplier and the circumstances. Therefore, it’s challenging to offer a concrete number, and you should be wary of businesses that do. What you must concentrate on are the features that affect the price, and they are:

  • Location: The price fluctuates based on the start and endpoint of your belongings. Assets that come from and are delivered to a nearby location are cheaper, whereas deliveries with longer distances will incur extra costs
  • Product Specs: The size, weight and shape of your item(s) are things we take into consideration as they directly impact our shipping options, such as the van size or number of employees
  • Area of Business: Where you need your products placed is important as there are hurdles that need addressing. An industry-standard example is an office on the top floor because navigating the stairs is incredibly challenging if the item is awkward
  • Installation: Some items may require installation while others are readymade
  • Luxury: We have multiple white glove delivery service solutions that differ in terms of luxury. All you need to do is pick the option that is the most suitable

While the price is important, the cost is often offset by the benefits that our white glove delivery service adds to your business.

How Long Does White Glove Delivery Take?

As soon as your freight is prepared and ready to go, it will be shipped to you as quickly as possible. By communicating with the manufacturer or merchant, it allows your shipping partner to create a timeframe so that customers are never in the dark.

To ensure there is no confusion, time precision is valued. That means we will contact you before your package is out for delivery to discuss your specifications. This includes, but isn’t limited to, organizing a specific time slot to ensure your package is never left unattended. Also, it enables your shipping partner to make sure our service is convenient for you, and not the other way around.

When your freight arrives, your white glove shipping partner aims to take excellent care while completing the job in as short a time as possible. After all, it’s not productive for you if the delivery should take 30 minutes, yet it takes one hour.

Your partner will likely do the preparation prior to the delivery date so that it never get in the way of your business, and can react to any unforeseen circumstances. Time is a valuable resource, which is why it is treated with the respect that it deserves.

A warehouse employee carries a box about to be shipped

Do You Tip White Glove Delivery Service?

Tipping is complicated because we all do it in some situations and then avoid it in others. In the United States, not tipping your waiter is unthinkable, yet you wouldn’t give the clerk at the bank a dollar for their service. So, do you need to tip a white glove delivery service provider? The decision is your choice. Whatever you feel comfortable with is the correct choice.

But, if you’d like to break it down further, then you can keep the following in mind:

  1. Is the service to your standards? If it is everything you expect and more, a tip is a sign of your happiness, something we value very highly
  2. Are the delivery personnel polite, attentive, and pay attention to the small details?
  3. Did they go the extra mile? Although you paid for a particular service, we are happy to help you in any way we can because going the extra mile is part of every project
  4. Do you have the cash? 20% can seem like a considerable sum. However, our employees don’t expect a certain amount and are happy with any contribution you can give. Also, society is cashless and relies on card payments, so it is understood that you might not have the money in your wallet
  5. Do you want to? Sometimes, tipping is as simple as a gut feeling.

Most shipping partners never expect tips, as white glove delivery service is centered on helping customers and not getting rich.

Warehouse employees loading=

Do I Need White Glove Delivery?

For us to answer this with a resounding yes might not be good enough for you. Let’s face it – we aren’t going to say anything but, as we’ve got a vested interest. However, we understand the value of this shipping solution to our customers. What you get from it is worth more than the cost, especially for your business. With that in mind, it’s essential to outline the reasons why a white glove delivery service should be non-negotiable.

To begin with, it’s an investment. A white glove delivery service attitude is something that only the best suppliers have, and it sets us out from the rest of the pack. Whether it’s the superior level of customer service or precision timing, our philosophy is at the heart of everything we do. By investing in the process, it allows us to consistently provide the results that you require for the sake of your organization.

Another factor that should never be underestimated is the peace of mind that a white glove solution offers. Entrepreneurs are busy trying to deal with various problems, and it’s exhausting. With us, you not only get peace of mind, but you free up more time, too. As a result, you can focus on projects that are integral to your success without worrying about your package.

We firmly believe that how we interact with our customers and clients affects their reputation. Your products are vital to your business, or else you would have chosen a standard delivery solution. Therefore, you rely on us to keep our promises so that you maintain yours, too.

Instead of putting pressure on our shoulders, it makes us determined to pay more attention to small details and boost your standing in the industry. When you go into business with a partner, the relationship should never be one-sided.

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What Are The Best Items To Ship And When?

A direct knock-on from realizing that you need a white glove delivery service is figuring out what items require this type of shipping, and when to give the order. The latter is straightforward: whenever you need assets delivering punctually. There’s no reason to take a risk when the company’s bottom line is at stake. A white glove delivery service is a guaranteed way to treat your assets with care.

Deciding which items to ship can be tougher. Every belonging is valuable as it adds value to your organization. Still, some parameters help customers to determine whether a white glove solution is necessary. Value is the main consideration.

A white glove service is about going the extra mile, and it’s crucial you do that when an item is essential to your processes. However, we do understand that a product’s value has different definitions, so you don’t have to assess its monetary value only. Sentiment could be a factor, as could accessibility. 

Of course, fragility is something we ask our customers to consider, too. Sometimes, the cost can blur your thinking because you believe there are cheaper options. Sadly, that’s how you end up with a corporate asset that’s chipped or broken into pieces.

Unless you are sure that an item is robust enough to survive the journey, it’s always wise to opt for a white glove delivery service instead. These might include:

  • Furniture
  • Appliances
  • Lighting fixtures
  • Displays
  • Presentation hardware

A mistake many businesses make is to assume they are indulgent. To ask an expert to take care of delivering and then unpacking and assembling a range of products never seems necessary. You can do the rest as long as it arrives on time and in good condition.

In our experience, however, we believe that the unwrapping and assembling features of a white glove service are more important than you would imagine. The amount of time these add-ons save is almost hard to quantify. After all, there is no procrastination, and you get to rely on specialists who have extensive experience with these items.

Refrigerated and perishable goods are well worth the investment, also. With our specialist equipment, we will ensure that they arrive in a fit state.

Finding a White Glove Delivery Carrier

Now that you know the basics of white glove delivery services and what they entail, it’s time to find a carrier. While market saturation can be a positive thing, it also makes the decision much tougher. As a newbie in the industry, you might not know what features of a service are essential and which ones are bluster. Thankfully, you can laser in on focal points to ensure you choose correctly.

The services the carrier offers is an excellent starting point. Yes, the majority of them will seem necessary, yet that depends on your requirements. A food company, for instance, will need trucks that use the latest, top-of-the-range cooling systems. Otherwise, your livelihood won’t be fit to sell by the time it reaches your stores. High-Quality service is the base limit for what you should expect from white glove solutions. What sets services out is whether they are tailored and broad enough to fit your needs.

Location is crucial, too. As well as adding to the cost, location of the carrier could increase the waiting time. If you don’t have a second to spare, you can’t afford to wait around forever. The best thing to do is to check whether a carrier has nearby service centers to negate long waiting times.

Tracking is a solution that enhances communication and liability and offers peace of mind, which is why tracking software is paramount. Last but not least, always lean on reviews. At USA Last Mile Logistics, we proudly post our reviews because they prove that we do precisely what we promise.

A happy customer accepts their white glove delivery

White Glove Residential Delivery

It’s not uncommon for businesses to use a white glove delivery service to provide their customers with a superior experience. Because our drivers and technicians take care of things quickly and efficiently, and we offer a dedicated delivery time slot, your reputation will skyrocket.

It is important to note that a residential delivery service is usually more expensive than a commercial one. Here is a selection of the factors:

  • Difficulty: Delivering to a residential address is much harder because homes don’t have the same amenities as commercial buildings
  • Time: As a result, it takes more time to deliver items to residential buildings, meaning a surcharge is necessary
  • Unpacking: The majority of products are flat-packed and need assembling on arrival
  • Location: Residential addresses are not ideally located for deliveries. Carrier centers are designed to be closer to businesses as they are the main users.

There’s no need to estimate the final price, however. By picking up the phone and speaking to us directly, we can walk you through the costs and what you can expect to pay.

Preparing for White Glove Home Deliveries

To make the process smoother for your customers, there are pointers you can give them that will eliminate any bugs. Check them out below:

  • Clear a Path: Clearing a path beforehand allows carriers to drop off items seamlessly without wasting additional time
  • Cover the Floor: We work to ensure that we don’t leave footprints. Of course, it’s usually a smart move to cover any valuables just in case
  • Clean the Area: Nobody wants their new belongings to get dirty, especially not us! Wiping down surfaces and mopping the floor can prevent this from happening
  • Be Present: A legal adult has to be present before the delivery can be completed

White Glove Storage

Plans don’t always run smoothly. You’ve tried to organize the delivery of your items to align with your needs, but there has been a change. Now, you don’t have space or capacity to store your package for a long time. What are you going to do?

The answer is simple: opt for white glove storage. As soon as your valuables arrive at our facility, we contact you right away to inform you. If you would prefer to delay delivery for a short while, let us know and we’ll take care of the rest.

Don’t worry about anything going missing or breaking down as it collects dust. Our software tracks every detail of the products you have stored with us, and are straightforward to retrieve. So, your pieces aren’t shoved in a corner and never given a second thought.

White Glove Delivery Service With USA Last Mile Logistics

At USA Last Mile Logistics, we work tirelessly to provide you with a white glove delivery service that meets your high standards. We can’t do this without our network of carriers that mix cutting edge technology with years of experience to offer an unrivalled service. No matter what level of last mile delivery you require, we are prepared to be your strategic partner.

If you require a white glove delivery service that you can trust, look no further than USA Last Mile Logistics. Contact us now by calling (866) 569-1445 or fill out a quote and take the first step in the shipping process today.

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