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White Glove Appliance Delivery

September 4, 2020 | By USA Last Mile Logistics
Last Modified: April 3, 2024
White glove appliance delivery is a perfect solution when your freight needs a special touch. See how USA Last Mile Logistics can provide this last mile service.

Think about major appliances that people want or need in today’s society — refrigerators, washing and drying machines, dishwashers and ovens are just a few of the amenities in homes and businesses used to take care of basic tasks. Yet it is often an enormous undertaking to get some of these items, which are big, heavy and often contain awkward dimensions. White glove appliance delivery can make a sizable impact, but few people are familiar with what it exactly entails.

However, the concept of white glove appliance delivery is not a difficult one to understand. In fact, it can be immensely helpful to ensure that if someone orders a new fridge, for example, it ends up in their home or business the way they want it and without a bigger headache of assembly or installation. Continue reading to see how this can help. 

Appliances are loaded into the back of a truck for white glove delivery

What is White Glove Delivery?

Before you plan on having your major appliances shipped, it’s important to fully comprehend what white glove delivery implies in relation to the washer, dryer or other piece of home improvements that will be transported.

White glove delivery service is usually perfect for heavy or oddly shaped items that the customer might not be able to handle themselves. It is the delivery of the good into a home or business into the room where the appliance will ultimately reside. 

Once there, the delivery team will unpack the appliance from the standard or furniture mover box truck, possibly assemble it if it requires that, and remove all the original packaging materials that the appliance came in. Installation is not always included in white glove delivery service, but can be negotiated with the delivery company if they offer it.

People opt for this level of service for a variety of reasons — maybe they don’t have the appropriate vehicle to transport it, or the ability or equipment to maneuver these large, valuable, expensive pieces into the spaces they need to go. While there could be any number of reasonable explanations, it can be an important option to offer to make sure there aren’t deterrents in place to stop those from buying your products.

The last thing to know about white glove delivery is what the name denotes. The phrase “white glove” is synonymous with attention to detail, excellent service and great care given. These are all important since appliances are not only big and heavy, but are very fragile during transit. Breaking the door on a $1,000 refrigerator or the glass top on that brand-new oven renders high-value items useless before you ever get to use them. 

A white glove appliance delivery truck drives down the road

Is White Glove Delivery Worthwhile?

Anytime you have a professional deliver an item you bought and go above and beyond in putting it where you want in your house and optionally putting it together or installing it, there’s going to be a financial cost associated with it.

So it is up to the customer to decide if white glove appliance delivery is worth trading some of your money in exchange for expert care, the use of specialized equipment to move your new purchase and the installment of that item. For many people, it’s very worth it. Not everyone has access to a delivery vehicle, a dolly to move the item, straps to secure the appliance, the muscle to move something that might need some slick maneuvering to get it into the building and then the technical know-how of how to equip the product for immediate use.

So you’ll have to sit down and figure out if you, your family members or some very good friends could assist you in this potentially major endeavor or if you will absolutely require the expertise of professionals.

It is good to know upfront that certain factors will affect the price of white glove delivery, so keep the following questions to ask yourself to base the decision off of:

  • How far will the appliance need to travel?
  • Will the actual home delivery be simple or overly complicated for the people providing the service?
  • Is the appliance an awkward shape, is it very big and is it very heavy?
  • Once the appliance arrives at your house, how long will the delivery men be working?
  • Will assembly or installation services be required, or does it just need to be moved into the room it will be used?

While it might not be quite as big of a deal, some other things you should consider if you’re thinking about doing the job yourself is how proficient you anticipate being in the actual movement of the freight into your house. Will you be able to avoid damaging walls or floors if you move it yourself? Will the item be too heavy for you to move it into place and hook it up?

Taking into account your own abilities will help you answer if a white glove service will be worthwhile to you. The answers will differ per person, so there’s no better time to be honest with yourself. The delivery experience doesn’t have to be hard, especially with a little help.

Learn more about B2B White Glove Delivery.

White Glove Delivery With USA Last Mile Logistics

Once you’re ready to have white glove appliance delivery undertaken on your behalf, contact USA Last Mile Logistics, the best in the business. We can provide white glove delivery to perfection for you, leaving anyone who uses us a happy customer.

USA Last Mile Logistics has a full fleet of delivery vehicles at our disposal, as well as a number of experienced, helpful delivery drivers who will place your brand-new appliances right where you want them. We bring your item to your home or business, put it exactly where you want it and leave no trash behind since we take the packaging with us.

We will work with you at every step of the way. We’ll schedule a delivery time that works for you and — with our 99.5 percent on-time delivery rate — make sure we hit it. We also have stellar customer service and offer real-time visibility for your shipment to put your mind at ease. Customer satisfaction is our aim with every delivery and installation.

We also offer expedited shipping, which might be helpful when shipping the appliances cross-country, or we can arrange overnight shipping for you as well.

So when you’re ready to schedule white glove delivery, call USA Last Mile Logistics at (866) 569-1445 to get your delivery set up today.

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