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How Does B2B White Glove Delivery Work?

September 10, 2020 | By USA Last Mile Logistics
Last Modified: July 27, 2023
Do you have questions about B2B white glove delivery? Get answers, get a quote and move white glove freight with USA Last Mile Logistics on your side.

Maybe it’s time to completely furnish a new office complex, or you even need a bunch of new equipment like computers or appliances for the break room. There are a number of examples where you need a lot of items at once and it might be outside the capability of anyone at your company to devote the time or effort to hauling all this stuff and assembling or installing it. So you decide to turn to Business-To-Business (B2B) white glove delivery, but how can it truly help you?

Using B2B white glove delivery can make a huge difference in how your new products are brought to you and even set up. This is a delivery based around great service, careful moving of your items and some additional touches that can really make it worthwhile to your operations. To find out more about this type of delivery, continue reading.

A truck drives down the road to deliver B2B white glove delivery service

What Does White Glove Delivery Mean?

The term “white glove” refers to great care taken paired with exceptional service administered. So white glove delivery follows that ethos and is all about going the extra mile for a customer. In terms of a business-to-business delivery, that would mean having whatever items in question brought right to the office or facilities, placed in the correct room (or place, depending on what the item is) and having any packaging or trash associated with the items taken off the premises. B2B stands for Business-To-Business and is used to denote the difference in a business having its items shipped to another business versus it having its items shipped to a private residence. 

White glove delivery can technically be a range of services within the course of one moving trip, but all white glove deliveries do share some basic tenets. Items marked for this type of delivery are generally valuable and have a certain degree of fragility, which lends to them requiring a specialized service. While not guaranteed, the products can also be big, heavy or have an awkward shape that makes moving them around a very difficult job.

The place where the good needs to be delivered to might include stairs or tight quarters to navigate that require a professional’s touch. If the white glove service covers expensive products like electronics, appliances or furniture, there’s a real chance you’ll require assembly once the goods are there and possibly even installation of the items.

Assembly and installation can be included with a white glove delivery but is considered as an additional aspect that might need to be specifically requested. So utilizing B2B white glove delivery can help save you a lot of time and could be comparatively cost-effective if you know you won’t be able to build a bunch of desks, for instance.   

A box is loaded into a truck for B2B white glove delivery

Is White Glove Delivery Worth It?

Let’s think of a specific scenario that can be readily applied to many of the reasons you might want to consider B2B white glove delivery. Let’s say you order 100 new desks and chairs for the multi-floor office building you are moving into, and let’s also say they are coming already assembled. Do you have someone or a small team to move these new additions carefully to the several different floors without getting damaged? Are there elevators readily available to move these desks, or will they have to be carried upstairs.

In the above scenario, it sounds like a white glove delivery service would be worth it. You can get a company to transport the desks to your building, bring them inside, set them up to your specifications and if the desks or chairs have any packaging material, the company providing the delivery service will haul them away for you.

Need inside delivery? See how a strategic white glove freight partner can help. We offer the services you need for last mile delivery and more.

Trying to reduce having your items delivered as pure manual labor is a bit misleading. There is a notable difference between a truck showing up, dropping the desks off in a random fashion in your lobby and leaving, and what a true white glove delivery can offer to your business. Also, as noted earlier, if you have extremely heavy or bulky things to bring into your business, using people who have everyday experience rather than attempting to do it yourself can be exceedingly valuable.

Book B2B White Glove Delivery with an Industry Leader

Once you’ve decided to undertake B2B white glove delivery, there’s no better choice than having it handled by USA Last Mile Logistics. Our team of dedicated white glove carriers will put forth the utmost care, professionalism and skills to make sure your shipment is superbly completed to your exact specifications.

Besides the standard expectation of bringing your delivery right to you, putting inside your office and taking away any packaging material associated with the task, USA Last Mile Logistics can offer additional services such as assembly and installation of the items you’ve ordered, making it very easy for you to make your purchase and have it ready to go upon arrival.

If the speed of your shipment is of concern, you can schedule overnight or expedited delivery with USA Last Mile Logistics If the shipment is able to be delivered this way, it’s as simple as calling the day before and having us spring into action.

When you order white glove delivery service through USA Last Mile Logistics, you’re not just getting that special care because it’s white glove. We value each one of our customers and offer some standard amenities with each load we haul. For instance, our 99.5 percent on-time delivery rate mirrors our commitment to making sure your shipment gets where it needs to get in a timely manner. USA Last Mile Logistics also includes real-time freight visibility, so you can track your delivery at all times, plus industry-leading customer service should any questions or concerns arise.

So when you’re ready to have B2B white glove delivery to put use for your business, give USA Last Mile Logistics and our team of freight brokers a call at (866) 569-1445 for a free price quote and to find out more about the USA Last Mile Logistics difference.

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